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CTM Geogrid Uniaxial 
CTM Geogrid Biaxial

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CTM-Geogrid B- series High Performance Biaxial Geogrid


CTM Geogrid Biaxial is a polyester geogrid, is composed of high molecular weight, high tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns, and has a PVC coating which offers UV resistance and further strengthens the Geogrid and minimizes fiber degradation. 

ctm biaxial geo grid

GeoGrid biaxial series are designed for applications where, strength in both directions is important for reinforcement of granular road base and sub-base, area stabilization, track bed stabilization, load transfer platforms etc.

It is a precision woven geogrid that offers superior junction strength and a high Co-efficiency of soil interaction.

CTM GGU Geogrid is Biaxial geogrid composed of high tenacity polyester (PET) multifilament yarn with high molecular weight and low carboxyl end group. This Geogrid is woven and coated with PVC to give better long term design strength in reinforcement of granular road base and sub-base applications. CTM geogrid is inert to biological and chemical degradation.
CTM GGB Biaxial Geogrids are available in the following styles:

Test Method
CTM GGB 20/20
CTM GGB 40/40
CTM GGB 60/60
Peak Tensile Strength ( Minimum Average Roll Values )
Machine Direction
Cross Machine Direction kN/m


  • High tensile strength at low elongation
  • High long-term design strength
  • Excellent creep resistance
  • Flexible and durable
  • Increased pull-out resistance and compound strength
  • Optimum stability of the junction of the grid
  • High chemical and biological resistance
  • UV resistance
  • High resistance to installation damage and ease of installation
  • Cost effective
  • Custom fabricated


  • Roadbed reinforcement of roads and railways
  • Crack prevention
  • Increase of roadbed strength.
  • Reinforcement and stabilization of riverside, embankment and side slope
  • Dyke reinforcement on soft ground for stress evenness
  • Increase of stability and loading capacity of foundation
  • Soil reinforcement


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