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CTM Geogrid Uniaxial 
CTM Geogrid Biaxial

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CTM-Geogrid is a typical synthetic material characterized by woven bands of narrow elements in a regular, grid-like pattern with large voids between the woven bands. It's the tensile strength of the woven bands and the voids between those bands that lend stabilizing strength to the projects they are used in.

CTM-Geogrids are woven and PVC coated, the geogrids are specifically engineered for demanding soil applications. Superior grades of high tenacity, high molecular weight and low carboxyl end group polyester yarns are formed into a grid structure using a highly sophisticated warp - warp weaving process and is then precision coated on line with a specially formulated polymeric compound to produce a strong, flexible, tough, dimensionally stable and durable geogrid. The product is ideal for the reinforcement of soils and other granular materials for a variety of applications.

CTM geogrids are manufactured from the new generation of polymers High tenacity polyester yarn and open new perspectives for project- specific reinforcement. Projects are planned, designed and constructed as a result of close cooperation between consulting engineers, construction firms and project owners.

Typical applications:

  • Structural layers supporting road, railway and airport construction.
  • Site access roads and transport routes.
  • Retaining walls and steepened slopes.
  • Slope stabilization.
  • Noise reduction barriers.
  • Rehabilitation of waste ground.
  • Earth embankments over piles Landfills.
  • Bridging of voids and sinkholes

uniaxial geo grids bi axial geo grids
CTM Uniaxial Geo grid CTM Biaxial Geo Grid

The CTM- Geogrid Advantages

  • Consistent and assured product quality.
  • Excellent performance.
  • Easy, safe and fast installation.
  • Design and technical assistance.

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