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Sustainable construction requires sustainable solutions which cut down the maintenance cost to provide long- term solutions and thus reduce the stress on the environment to provide a sustainable life cycle. When compared with conventional methods of construction, construction techniques with geosynthetics solutions have frequently proved to be the most economic alternative.

Geosynthetic solutions also have considerable advantages with regard to carbon footprint levels.

As the manufacturer of Geosynthetics, CTM is aware of its responsibility to preserve the environment and act accordingly. It is not just an empty promise but is documented with every project and its sustainable practices to which are evaluated by reputed authorities with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Guidelines.

Reducing Waste

CTM - Geosynthetics ground stabilization systems not only reduces the depth of the aggregate layer by up to 50% and often the amount of spoil to be excavated and disposed of, but can also use recycled aggregates. 
CTM- Geosynthetics product helps create slopes where secondary fills such as colliery waste or pulverised fuel ash can be used and these products also help generally use site-won material as fill.

Carbon Reduction and Energy Efficiency

Traditional construction materials such as steel, concrete and lime require considerable amounts of energy with embodied carbon to produce.

Mechanical ground stabilization and reinforced soil structures require relatively less energy when compared to conventional solutions.

A typical Geogrid Earth retaining structure can be built at one third of the energy cost of a traditional concrete structure.

Conserving Water Resources

CTM Geosynthetics products can form an integral part of the latest Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems, with ground stabilisation geogrids for the foundation layers of permeable pavements systems and CTM-Geogrid for erosion protection in swales.

For remote projects such as wind farms, ‘floating’ access roads reduce the effect on the hydrology of sensitive peat landscapes. CTM- Geosynthetics products are chemically inert and will not adversely affect the natural water cycle.

Minimizing Impact on the Local Environment

 Reducing vehicle movements means fewer trucks going through villages or countryside; CTM Geosynthetics Products encourages the use of natural vegetation rather than hard engineering finishes.




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