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Tailed Gabions


Gabions are partioned, wire fabric containers, filled with stone at the site of use, to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures for earth retention. The wire basket can be made from Welded Mesh or Flexible hexagonal twist. These walls are designed generally for two purposes.


  • To retain earth embankments by creating mass gravity wall or a reinforced earth wall with a thin (usually 1m wide) gabion facing.
  • To create heavy duty spillways.

Gabion faced reinforced soil walls are a system when the structural stability is achieved by virtue of reinforcement layers of polymeric geogrids .These polymeric geogrids are placed in the soil linked to a facing skin of gabion. This type of structure costs less for walls 3 to 4 m or more in height in fill situations. Designers can select Geogrids from a wide range of soil reinforcement systems to suit specific soil condition.

CTM - geogrids are used to install large gabion structures in the most difficult and inaccessible country.

Advantages of CTM-Geogrid

  • Cost - effective soil retaining structures
  • Simple and rapid construction procedures
  • Less right-of-way acquisition and need less space for construction activities
  • Stand much larger settlements.
  • Flexible and capable to absorb deformations due to seismic loading or poor subsoil conditions in the foundations.




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