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Applications >> Track Bed Stabilization


Track Bed Stabilization


Laying railway track over weak formations and soft sub grade with a low bearing capacity leads to a low stiffness track bed unable to support the ballast effectively inevitably leading to ballast deformation and a breakdown in track geometry.


Additional support can be achieved through chemical stabilization or deep excavation followed by a thick granular sub-layer, although both these methods are time-consuming and expensive.

With CTM - Geogrids, the granular material in the sub-ballast layer partially penetrates and projects through the apertures to create a strong and positive interlock, providing additional support for the track bed.

In fact, CTM - Geogrid reinforcement can allow a significant reduction of the sub-ballast layer thickness for the same bearing capacity.

The Advantages

  • Reduced layer thickness: Tests have shown that with geogrids the sub-ballast can be reduced as much as a third for the same bearing capacity
  • Lower construction costs: Reducing excavation, soil disposal and imported sub-ballast fill can lead to significant savings
  • Reduced carbon emissions: A significant reduction in aggregate thickness can realiZe major savings in CO2 emissions.
  • Longer maintenance cycles: With a better supported track bed, the maintenance cycle can be extended.



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